Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 27.... The Power of Fasting!!!

This week was a super good week. We are still just working hard at getting people reactivated. We are still working on getting everyone callings. We are really seeing people start to build their faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is so amazing 
to see all the miracles that are happening in this little sector. Everyone is starting to gain the desire they need to progress. The one thing that was so hard for this sector is that no one knows what to do. We have spent all week teaching people how a church is supposed to function. Like for example... For the last 2 months everyone that came to church would leave after sacrament meeting. No one knew that it was important to have 3 hours of church. So we have been teaching people about what church really is supposed to be like. This was the first week in my whole time here where everyone stayed all 3 hours. It was such a miracle!! We are seriously seeing so much progress here in Los Sauces. The members are getting super excited. When I first got here, they were very disinterested about doing work, now all of them want to go on splits with us and help us bring people back to the church. It is so amazing seeing the Lord’s hand in all of this. I know that if we continue to work hard, we will continue to see blessings!!! And that this branch will grow to become stronger and stronger. 

As far as investigators this week, we found so many great families. For the last few weeks Elder Miller and I have been praying and fasting that we would find a family that we could baptize!!!! This week we started doing a new technique of teaching. It started working. We started using photos when we were teaching. This week we were able to find a lot of people. We found a few families that are seriously so good. We are so excited to start teaching them. We are going to have a great week this week. We are seeing the fruits of our hard work. I love seeing the work pay off. 

Well, this week for my spiritual thought, I just wanted to share a little thing about fasting!!! This week we have been fasting for a lot of blessings in this sector,that the members could have excitement and this branch could really begin to progress. I am a firm believer in the Power of Fasting. I know that if we fast and ask the Lord for help he will help us. It has been such a spiritual week for us this week. We have been so blessed to have the Lord on our side and to see this sector really begin to progress, and really gain the desire to help others. I know with the help of the Lord, this sector... small that it may be... will really begin to be strengthened by the Lord, and amazing miracles will begin to happen. I just wanted to bare my testimony that Fasting really works, and that God will bless us if we turn to Him for help!!!

Digging Graves at the Cemetery for service!!!

More mirror selfies!!
Some yummy food...for when we arent fasting, of course!

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