Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 23.... Stomach Flu, Heavenly Burgers, and a Change of Heart!!!

This was a crazy week for me... I actually got really sick. I got some stomach infection. I ate some bad pork, I guess. I was the only one that got this sickness though. All the other missionaries ate the same food, and they were fine. But I woke up Tuesday night and was throwing my guts up. It is the first time in the mission that I have been sick. It wasn't very fun for me. I was  sick for the next few days. I had to go to the doctor here in Los Sauces and they gave me a shot to lower the infection. I have been on a strict diet for the last week. I can only eat stuff like bread, rice and stuff like that. No meat, dairy, fruits or vegetables. So that was pretty lame. I spent most this week in the house. It was super lame that I couldn't get up and work, but I was too sick to do anything.
 So this week I got a lot of rest. Good thing too because this next week is the last week of the cambio and the last week of my companion, Elder Wilhelm’s mission. We are going to work super hard this week and give everything we got. He is going to return with Honor whether he likes it or not!   He is a great companion, but we are really going to step it up his last week. 

Today we went down south and visited some of the sectors my comp had been in. It is super green down south and we got to go to a big city, Temuco. I really want to go there my next transfer... It looks super beautiful. I am here in Los Sauces... the desert of the mission, so to go to an area that is green was amazing :) It was really fun to go and meet the people he used to teach. It was awesome being able to see more of the mission.

 Then on the way home... I don’t know if I am going to regret this or not, but we stopped at a burger joint. There aren’t any burger places down here in Chile... so my comp told me of this burger joint called "Jack's"....

I had been craving it all week. When I got sick... I was so sad that I was not going to be able to eat at Jack´s. I have been craving a big ol' juicy burger for the longest time now. So, today on our way home we stopped at this joint. I got a big ol' juicy burger, with everything on it: bacon, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, BBQ sauce... oh it was so big... and so delicious. The first burger that I have had (That isn't McDonalds... cause that isn’t a real burger :)) in the mission. I was in HEAVEN!!!

So it was a really good day. I ate that about an hour ago... so, I don’t know if I will be regretting that in a while or not. I hope I can get over this sickness. I probably shouldn't have eaten that burger, but I had to :)That was definitely the highlight of my week.

Now I want to share with you all a spiritual experiences I had this week. So while I had a lot of time to sit back and rest in the house, I was also able to do a lot of studying. On Wednesday, I got intrigued in the topic BORN AGAIN!!! I really began to study this topic, looking up a bunch of scriptures that talked about this. I always knew that being born again referred to baptism. But one thing that I found super interesting that hit me super strong this week is the being born again is not only about baptism. It is also having a change of heart…Changing your heart to be more in line with Christ. This really hit me strong this week, because that is what I have really focused on in my mission; to have a change of heart. I want the mission to change me. I have focused so much on having this change of heart. I can testify to all of you that I have had this change of heart. I will continue to have this change of heart my whole mission. I really wanted to challenge all of you this week to try and experience this being born again. Let God change you for who he wants you to be. I testify that if you look for these changes, and always follow the promptings from our Father.. He will mold you into who he wants you to be. You will make the changes necessary to be the child of God that He wants you to be. I testify to all of you that all of us can change. All it takes is a little bit of effort and prayer, and we can change anything.  
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