Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 26...Tunnel Vision!!!

Elder Miller and I are working so hard here in Los Sauces. We have been so focused on getting the less- actives coming back to church. When I arrived here in Los Sauces, only about 14 people were coming to church. With the help of my great companions: Elder Wilhelm and Elder Miller, Elder Navarro and Elder Sauñe, we have been able to increase the Faith of this branch. We are now having about 30 people on average attend the church. It is so amazing to see the change in these people’s lives. All they needed was a little push and they have been able to improve so much. 
This week Elder Miller and I focused on giving everyone a calling or an assignment. We think it will help strengthen this branch. I am loving my mission, and I am loving this Sector, Los Sauces. We are still waiting to find some great investigators. We actually did a fast this week. I know if we continue to work hard, the Lord will bless us with investigators that we can baptize. 
 We just have to work hard and continue to have faith.

This was super fun week. I learned a lot. Today was a really fun day. We went with an investigator to a waterfall. It was so beautiful. It was a good 30 minute hike to this waterfall. It was so beautiful. Probably one of the funnest things I have done in the mission. It was such a great day.
One thing I learned this week that I wanted to share with you guys is to not have "tunnel vision" What is tunnel vision?  It is when you focus too much on one thing that you forget about the other things around you. I noticed that this week, as far as missionary work goes, we spent too much time focusing on the less- actives that we forgot about or investigators. Tunnel vision is exactly what Satan wants. He wants you to get so focused on one thing, that you completely miss the others that you could be helping, or the other spiritual experiences you could be having. So, my advice to all of you this week, is to be aware of tunnel vision.  Make sure you are always looking to help others and not to have this tunnel vision. 

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