Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 25... Let it Go!!!

La Zona Anglo
This week I got to meet my new comp. His name is Elder Miller.
He is so awesome. I have already learned so much from him. He works really hard, so I am excited to work with him this cambio... and hopefully the next. I really want to be his companion when he finishes the mission. I think it would be so awesome. We are having so much fun here in Los Sauces. Elder Miller is one of the best missionaries I have seen. He loves to work… which is so good. I know we are going to do great things here. This week we worked harder than I ever have...and it paid off. Here in Los Sauces we have a usual attendance of like 16. This last week, from all our hard work, we got 33 to come to church. It was such an amazing experience for us. It was such a testimony builder for me to see the hard work that we do, pay off. 

This week we took the branch directory and just started going over everyone’s names. We want to visit everyone on our list. We have so many members on that list, but only like 16 usually show up. So we spent all week looking for these people and trying to reactivate them. This was so amazing because we found so many good people. We started talking to people, and they really had a desire to come back. We got like 10 who were inactive to come to church this week. We also found a lot of incomplete families… so we are going to work on getting these families and get a baptism. I am so excited for this cambio. I know we are going to do great things. It was such a great week. I am so excited.


We also had a week full of activities. Today we got to go to this lake with the whole zone and just mess around. We played some football... AMERICAN…with all the gringos. It was super fun. I really miss football. We got to go hike these big mountains and take a lot of pictures. It was a really fun day to relax and have a great time with the zone.

Elder Boyer and Elder Parkin

This week I have really been learning a lot. Elder Miller is a really smart kid, and has been here for almost 2 years. So he has been helping me to gain more knowledge. I really am loving the work here in Los Sauces. I really am beginning to learn how to teach and plan for the people’s needs. The work is so much better when you focus on the needs of the people. 

I found a really great scripture this week when I was studying for an investigator that is having trouble with repentance. This scripture is D&C 58:42: This scripture talks about how God will not remember your sins any more. When you receive forgiveness of your sins, God forgets the sins. He remembers them no more. This was so good for her to hear, because she has a problem letting go. She can't forgive herself. So it was so good to show her that even God... The One who knows all... He Forgets your sins, so you should too. We had a really spiritual lesson with her this week. I just wanted to share that message with you guys.  Once we receive forgiveness of our sins, we need to forgive ourselves. So many times in my life, I have seen and experienced people who receive forgiveness of their sins... but the only thing they lack is forgiving themselves. It is super sad, because it eats them up inside. I promise you that God is here to help us. He is not going to remember our sins after we have truly repented of them. We just need to forget what we have done, and truly forgive ourselves... and after this we can continue to grow in this Gospel and become closer to Christ.

(Tyler has only been out for 7 months, and has already gone through 2 pair of good shoes) 
I guess it shows how hard he is working!

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