Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 83... Clementina and the Font Frogs!!!

Elder Inman and I have been 
working super hard and have been seeing many blessings. We know God has been blessing us in everything we do. This week was a really great week. We were able to see one of God’s daughters make the decision to be baptized. Clementina was so happy as she came out of the water. It was awesome to see her conversion and how excited she is to be a new member of The Church. 

Funny story of the week; before the baptism, Elder Inman and I went to clean the baptismal font. We began to fill up the water and from the drain out jumped 2 frogs. They had been living in the water in the drain and we don’t have any idea of how long they have been there.
It is funny the things you find down here in Chile!


On Saturday it was a really great day because at the baptism of Clementina, she was able to bring all of her family… all of which are not members. They were all excited to see the change in their mom, and they are all preparing for their own baptisms. The best part is that the son, Nacho, came to church the next day and loved it. He became best friends with the young men and says he wants to be a member too. It has been amazing to see all the blessing the Lord has given us. 

For this next week we will be planning on having 3 baptisms: Wanderleia, Benedito, and Matias Riveras.
 If you can pray for them that would be really appreciated. 

filling the font



Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 82.... Still, Small Voice!!!

A Day in the Life ...

This week was a great one for Elder Inman and I. We have been helping a lot of people who should be getting baptized here soon. 

This weekend we will be baptizing a lady named Clementina Molina. She has been a super awesome investigator. I actually found her with my last comp Elder Woods. It was kind of funny because we found her and she was super strong in her religion. We taught her a little bit and at the end of the lesson we invited her to go to church. She said she would go. So Elder Woods and made plans to look for her and take her to church. That first Sunday she went to church. After sacrament meeting she had to leave so we walked her out of the church and we began to ask her how she liked church, and how she felt. She then replied, “I thought it was super boring”. She didn’t like it at all. In her church they have musical instruments and sing, and she said she feels the spirit that way. Elder Woods and I looked at each other and were like... well here we go. We then began to explain to her that if she keeps coming she will feel better. That the Spirit speaks to us in a STILL SMALL VOICE. The spirit will not talk to us in a voice of thunder, but in a way that is super subtle. We told her we would be passing by her house in the next few days to explain more. After that lesson she has been progressing ever since. She has not missed a day of church. She has been reading and praying every night. 

One day Elder Inman and I went over to her house and she did not want to let us in. We insisted that it would just be a moment. She said that she had been having problems with her husband and that it was not a good time. I offered to just say a prayer. After a while of being insistent, she let us in to say a prayer. We gently walked in and we offered a heartfelt prayer. After the prayer we asked her how she felt. She began to open up a little to us. Apparently her husband is a drunk and has been using all their money to buy alcohol. She wants to kick him out of the house. All the stress and pain that her husband causes her has really affected her health. We began to teach a little bit about the importance of our message and how it could help her. You could see that her eyes lit up. She was at the point of breaking down. My comp then invited her to pray and ask if these things were true. We all knelt down and listened to her prayer. As she began to pray you could see that she really was praying from the heart. She humbly asked the Lord to show her if these things were true. After finishing her prayer we sat there in silence and listened to the promptings of the spirit. 

We sat there for over a minute as she sat and pondered what she was feeling. Finally after about 2 min. She broke the silence explaining to us what she had felt. She had felt a warm feeling come across her. She felt that all her pains and sorrows were lifted from her. We then went on to explain that those feelings came from the spirit. She knew without a doubt that these things were true. Clementina is a really awesome lady and she has made the decision to be baptized this Saturday. We are so happy for her and happy for what she has done.

In this moment right now, I have felt that I am doing what the Lord wants me to do. This has been the best time in my whole mission. I feel like I am getting the hang of the missionary work. It is funny, because a lot of Elders would tell me that it takes you 18 months to learn how to be a missionary and the last 6 months to apply it. I feel like I am in that application time. Obviously, I am not done learning, but I feel like I have never seen or ever been this happy in my whole mission. I love the work! I know that our Savior is at the head and He leads and guides this church.

Sister Balden

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 81.... Feed My Sheep!!!

I have been able to learn so much this week. The highlight of the week was definitely when I listened to a talk given by Elder Holland.
It is titled “FEED MY SHEEP”. 
This talk was given to the Missionaries in the MTC. The whole week I was thinking of this talk. He tells of the story of Peter and Christ. After Christ’s death Peter does not know what to do. So what does he do? He goes back to doing what he knows best... Fishing... After a long night of fishing and catching nothing, Christ says cast the net on the right side of the boat. When they cast the nets on the right side of the boat, the nets begin to fill. They become so full that they can’t even pull the fish in. John says, knowing the man on the shore is Christ… "It is Him." 
Peter being a very valiant and brave, he jumps out of the boat and swims to shore. This is the part I love the most. Christ turns to Peter, looks Him in the eye and Says... “Peter, Do you love me?”
Peter responds “Yes.”
Christ then asks him again, “Peter do you love me?”
 “Yes Lord, I said I did” responds Peter.
 And the Third time Christ asks,
 “Peter, DO YOU LOVE ME!!!!”
“YES!” responds Peter. 

"Do You Love Me?" (click to watch clip)

15¶So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs. 
16He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my sheep. 
17He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep  
I have been pondering this passage of scripture this whole week. I have realized that as missionaries, we are literally feeding Christ sheep. We are called to this work to bring back his lost sheep. There is no better work than the missionary work. I can say with no doubt in my Heart. YES, Lord, I Love thee. There is no other place I would rather be. There is no other work I would rather do.
We have a lot of people who are coming close to being baptized. Clementina, Nataly, Matias, and Maria. These are all people that have made the decision and they all have dates to be baptized on the 23rd of April. These are some of Christ’s lost sheep and I hope and pray that we can bring back these lost sheep. 
For those who are preparing to serve a mission, I want you to know… keep going, keep preparing… because there is no greater work. I love this work and I know God guides us in this marvelous Work.

Things with my new companion, Elder Inman, have been so great. We get along really well. We work super great together as well. Our ideas we have, we are just able to bounce them back and forth... it has been awesome. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 80..... TOMORROW!!!

General Conference April 2016
Conference Weekend is my favorite weekend of the whole year.... and this Conference did NOT disappoint!! 
 have never been so spiritually uplifted in all my time here in the mission. 
I hope each of you were able to be spiritually uplifted this weekend just like I was. What a privilege we have to listen to Prophets and Apostles of our day, that literally speak the Word of God. This weekend I was spiritually edified and I was able to feast upon the words of the Prophets.

I want to share a few of the things I was able to learn as we were taught by these many wonderful men:

As each and every one of the speakers went up and gave their talks, I could feel the Holy Ghost penetrate my bones. I don’t know why but this Conference was different than any one I have ever experienced before. I don’t know if I was more in tune or what, but as each speaker went up, I felt chills run down my spine as they delivered the most powerful talks.  

Image result for pictures of elder hollandAgain, my favorite talk was given by the one and only Elder Holland. He never ceases to impress me. His talk entitled “Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders Among You” was one that has not left my mind since hearing it. His talk focused a lot on the Love that God has for us. He spoke of the dangers and scares we have of  TOMORROW; how life just keeps going. We live in a world of many afflictions, trials and pains. He said, “The first great commandment of God is to love God with all your heart, might mind and strength!" BUT THE FIRST GREAT TRUTH IS THAT GOD LOVES US WITH ALL HIS MIGHT!!!" As he said that, I couldn’t help but feel the love of My Heavenly Father.
It doesn’t matter what we may be facing, it doesn’t matter our imperfections; because despite our imperfections God loves us PERFECTLY!!! God will never desert us, He will always stand by us. 
Elder Holland said, "If we give our heart to God and do the best we can to live the Gospel, Tomorrow will be magnificent." 
Keep trying, Keep Loving. "Fear not, I will Help Thee" 
"His divine love will be with us… especially when we struggle."
Elder Holland final words were...... 

Click here: Elder Holland's Talk

I testify that God loves us perfectly and no matter what we face He will be there for us. Trust in Him and everything will be alright. 

This week has been a great one! My new comp is Elder Inman from Kaysville, Utah. 
I am excited to work with him and continue to bring back Christ’s lost sheep through baptism and repentance.