Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 82.... Still, Small Voice!!!

A Day in the Life ...

This week was a great one for Elder Inman and I. We have been helping a lot of people who should be getting baptized here soon. 

This weekend we will be baptizing a lady named Clementina Molina. She has been a super awesome investigator. I actually found her with my last comp Elder Woods. It was kind of funny because we found her and she was super strong in her religion. We taught her a little bit and at the end of the lesson we invited her to go to church. She said she would go. So Elder Woods and made plans to look for her and take her to church. That first Sunday she went to church. After sacrament meeting she had to leave so we walked her out of the church and we began to ask her how she liked church, and how she felt. She then replied, “I thought it was super boring”. She didn’t like it at all. In her church they have musical instruments and sing, and she said she feels the spirit that way. Elder Woods and I looked at each other and were like... well here we go. We then began to explain to her that if she keeps coming she will feel better. That the Spirit speaks to us in a STILL SMALL VOICE. The spirit will not talk to us in a voice of thunder, but in a way that is super subtle. We told her we would be passing by her house in the next few days to explain more. After that lesson she has been progressing ever since. She has not missed a day of church. She has been reading and praying every night. 

One day Elder Inman and I went over to her house and she did not want to let us in. We insisted that it would just be a moment. She said that she had been having problems with her husband and that it was not a good time. I offered to just say a prayer. After a while of being insistent, she let us in to say a prayer. We gently walked in and we offered a heartfelt prayer. After the prayer we asked her how she felt. She began to open up a little to us. Apparently her husband is a drunk and has been using all their money to buy alcohol. She wants to kick him out of the house. All the stress and pain that her husband causes her has really affected her health. We began to teach a little bit about the importance of our message and how it could help her. You could see that her eyes lit up. She was at the point of breaking down. My comp then invited her to pray and ask if these things were true. We all knelt down and listened to her prayer. As she began to pray you could see that she really was praying from the heart. She humbly asked the Lord to show her if these things were true. After finishing her prayer we sat there in silence and listened to the promptings of the spirit. 

We sat there for over a minute as she sat and pondered what she was feeling. Finally after about 2 min. She broke the silence explaining to us what she had felt. She had felt a warm feeling come across her. She felt that all her pains and sorrows were lifted from her. We then went on to explain that those feelings came from the spirit. She knew without a doubt that these things were true. Clementina is a really awesome lady and she has made the decision to be baptized this Saturday. We are so happy for her and happy for what she has done.

In this moment right now, I have felt that I am doing what the Lord wants me to do. This has been the best time in my whole mission. I feel like I am getting the hang of the missionary work. It is funny, because a lot of Elders would tell me that it takes you 18 months to learn how to be a missionary and the last 6 months to apply it. I feel like I am in that application time. Obviously, I am not done learning, but I feel like I have never seen or ever been this happy in my whole mission. I love the work! I know that our Savior is at the head and He leads and guides this church.

Sister Balden

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