Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 83... Clementina and the Font Frogs!!!

Elder Inman and I have been 
working super hard and have been seeing many blessings. We know God has been blessing us in everything we do. This week was a really great week. We were able to see one of God’s daughters make the decision to be baptized. Clementina was so happy as she came out of the water. It was awesome to see her conversion and how excited she is to be a new member of The Church. 

Funny story of the week; before the baptism, Elder Inman and I went to clean the baptismal font. We began to fill up the water and from the drain out jumped 2 frogs. They had been living in the water in the drain and we don’t have any idea of how long they have been there.
It is funny the things you find down here in Chile!


On Saturday it was a really great day because at the baptism of Clementina, she was able to bring all of her family… all of which are not members. They were all excited to see the change in their mom, and they are all preparing for their own baptisms. The best part is that the son, Nacho, came to church the next day and loved it. He became best friends with the young men and says he wants to be a member too. It has been amazing to see all the blessing the Lord has given us. 

For this next week we will be planning on having 3 baptisms: Wanderleia, Benedito, and Matias Riveras.
 If you can pray for them that would be really appreciated. 

filling the font



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