Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 44.... The Three Gifts!!!

This was such an amazing week here in Mulchen. First thing first, we had Ward Conference this week, so everyone knows what that means: activities every day in  church!
This was so good for me, because I was able to go to these activities and get to know the members and really get to gain their trust. I was able to get to know the members who I am going to work with and really have a good time with them. It was also really successful because we were able to bring a lot of investigators to these activities and the members here were so good with our new investigators. The investigators had a great experience and were able to overcome their fear of not fitting in, or being a little weird. 
On Tuesday I went on a mini- transfer and I went to Santa Barbara, a little town outside of Los Angeles. I got to work with Elder Montecinos from Santiago. We had a lot of spiritual lessons. I went there to get to know my district a little better and to know their investigators. I was blown away by the spirituality of the investigators they have. They are all so good and so ready for baptism. One lesson we had was seriously amazing. We walked into this one house and Elder Montecinos tells me that we are visiting a recent convert, but also we wanted to talk to her mom about baptism, because she is scared and has never accepted a baptismal date because she is Catholic. We went in there and began to teach the daughter. They daughter was a little unfocused, so then we turned our attention to the mom. The good thing about inter-cambios are that as the new guy you can ask a bunch of questions and really get to know the investigators needs. That is exactly what we were able to do. Me being the new guy, I went in there and just started to ask questions. She really opened up to us. She told us that she was scared to change her religion because all her family is Catholic and that she just wants to live and die catholic. We were able to share really powerful scriptures with her. We were definitely guided by the spirit in this lesson. We were able to explain to her that if she puts her Faith in Jesus Christ, she will be able to find her answer, and that Christ says COME UNTO ME. We were all overcome by this overwhelming feeling. At the same moment my companion and I looked at each other and we both had the same idea. In that exact moment we challenged her to be baptized. She looked at us for a second with a look that was like Elders, I have already told you no many times. But then she began to talk. She at the end accepted the invitation. She is now going to prepare and really give it her all in finding an answer. It was such a great day!
The rest of the week we had great activities. Wednesday we had Karaoke night, Thursday we had a Talent Show, Friday we had a night of food, and on Saturday the best of all we had a baptism. We finished off the week with the best thing possible. We had 3 baptisms this week. It was definitely a gift to me. I recently just got to this sector and these people were ready. THANKS TO ELDER ZACHARY NELSON; (all girls that are 19-23… he will be returning home from his mission here in 4 weeks. He will be returning to Holiday Utah, so be on the lookout for this incredible missionary.)
No, but for real, this family is so awesome. When I first met this family they were amazing. But in my time here they did go through a few trials. The mom and the daughter decided not to get baptized because when the daughter was a baby she was on the verge of dying and them being catholic took the daughter to the Virgin Mary and she was saved. Now they are scared that if she is baptized that she will be going against the virgin and the virgin will take away this contract and that she will die. So it was a really big challenge for the Dad to hear this, it had a really big effect on him. On Thursday we went to his house to make sure he still wanted to get baptized. In this lesson, he told us why he wanted to get baptized. He began to get emotional and told us all the changes her has made in his life. He went from a drunk that never loved his family to a person that spends all his time with his family. I have never heard such a powerful testimony. Even though he doesn’t understand much and it is difficult for him to read, he has changed so much and really has the desires to grow and follow Christ.

This weekend with a lot of prayer and fasting we were able to overcome all the doubts and we were able to baptize him, and his 2 sons of 12 and 14. Alejandro, Alejandro and Ricardo. It was so awesome to see how happy they were after their baptisms. Then on Sunday at their conformation they were able to be confirmed in our Ward Conference. There were so many people there loving and supporting them. I was able to confirm Alejandro the dad, during the middle of the confirmation I was hit by the spirit and knew that he was going to stay in the church for a long time. It was a great end to a great week!!

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