Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 92... New area, New Companion, New sector.....NEW Miracles!!!

Elder Glach

… that is everything that has 

happened this week!
 I have a NEW Companion, Elder Glach, from Colorado. This is his first week in the mission. He is super awesome. He has a lot of faith and is willing to work. I love his desire to share the gospel. We are already really great friends. I am really excited for this NEW cambio (transfer). 

I am now in a NEW sector called Gorbea. It is a really small town in the middle of nowhere.                                               

It is super cold!!!!!! I don’t think I have even been this cold in my whole life. It is pretty sad when it is colder in your house than it is outside.  We have to sleep with a ton of blankets and sweatshirts. It makes for a great experience. 

I got to meet all of my NEW investigators this week. There are some really awesome people here. This town is super small, so everyone knows everyone. They all know the missionaries, so it is pretty awesome because they already know who we are. 

We had some crazy experiences this week. The coolest of all the experiences happened yesterday. The Lord always teaches me new things each and every day. So yesterday we were out walking around trying to find new people to teach. It was freezing cold. I had no feeling in my hands and feet. We knocked on door after door, searching for someone who was willing to talk to us. We had people yell at us and tell us to never come back. So just a lot of negative things were happening. Yesterday everything seemed to be going on a downward slope. I could feel as the sun began to drop below the mountains, my excitement and happiness dropped with it. At 6 o’clock it was completely dark and I was just about done with everything. I had no hope left. I began to tell to myself that it wasn’t worth it. It would be better in the house. I told myself that no one was going to receive us today because it was a holiday, and the day after Chile won the American Cup. No one was going to listen to the missionaries. Finally, when I thought all hope was lost, I did a last desperate prayer in my head. I began to flip through my agenda and I was prompted to pass by this guy named Jaime. So, we made the walk to his house; this was the last straw… if he didn’t accept us, no one would. So, we knock he door and he looks out of the upstairs window. I turned to my comp. and made a joke and said "this is our next baptism", not really believing that is was going to be. He came down and opened the door. He then began to explain to us that he didn’t want anything to do with us. That he had listened to the missionaries before and he didn’t like the message. I tried all I could do to get in the house. With my last effort, I asked him if he would give us 2 minutes. I promised him that if he gave us 2 minutes of his time, the Lord would bless him. He grudgingly let us in. Well, we started off and he began to tell us that he doesn’t believe in God, that there is no purpose in life. He is all alone and that no one loves him. My comp and I began to testify and teach of the love our Father in Heaven has for us. It was only supposed to be a 2 min lesson, but he had so many questions and wanted to learn so much that we didn’t get out of his house for an hour and 15 min. The Spirit that was in the lesson was incredible. I have never felt so much love for anyone.

The best thing was that my new comp began to teach in his very broken Spanish. As he did, the guy said in perfect English, “you can speak in English”. My comps eyes gleamed as we began to teach him in English. The Spirit filled the room and testified of our words. By the end of the lesson, he believed in God, he knew his purpose in life. The very feeling in the house changed, it went from very dark and dreary, to a house full of light and hope… as did this young 25-year-old man. 

At the very end of the lesson, we offered to pray. He immediately interrupted us and said that he wanted to say the prayer. He felt the need to do so. 
I was so shocked. I don’t think I have ever seen so much progression in one lesson. I know that great things come only after a trail of our faith. If we would have been sad and forgotten to pray, we would have never known Jaime. We would have never passed by. 

I know life gets hard some times, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We are here so we can be happy...... SO LET’S BE HAPPY!!!! 

There are miracles that happen every day... we just need to look for them. 

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