Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 78.... Interviews and Oceans!!!

P-Day at the beach

 Elder Woods  will be finishing here in a week, so we have been working super hard so that he can finish with baptisms. We started off the week having a lot of people who were progressing, but not a lot were too sure if they wanted to be baptized quite yet. We had our minds focused on a few people. Mainly Daniela and Gabriel. These 2 were definitely the closest to making the decision. We did everything in our power to help them prepare. 
On Thursday we went over to visit Daniela. This was going to be the visit where we asked her if she was going to do it or no. She has always said that she was going to do it but needed more time. She didn’t feel too ready and felt as if she was getting pressured. She was scared to live the commandments after her baptism. So, Elder Woods and I go into this lesson knowing that it will be crucial. We decide to go and ask her a bunch of questions to see if she is ready. As we ask them, her answers were awful. We began to talk about things that didn’t even matter. She had doubts that would pop out of nowhere. She would ask things about the Bible and about Adam and Eve. As we got further along in the lesson, it was getting clearer to us that she was not ready. She was not taking these steps seriously and that she didn’t want to do the things she needed to be doing. As we left the lesson we told her that a missionary was going to come over Saturday to do the interview and see if she was ready. She agreed to let him come over and meet with her. As we left the house Elder Woods and I looked at each other and felt very discouraged. We felt we had done everything for her. We felt that all our hard work had been for nothing. We just sat there and said how can this be? But after a second of sadness we looked at each other and said I don’t care what happens… she will be baptized. 
Saturday finally came around. We met up with the missionary that was going to do the interview for Daniela. Elder Woods went with him and I went with his comp. For the next hour and a half Elder Page and I walked around contacting and trying to find people. My mind was focused on what could be happening in that interview. I was so nervous about what was going to be done. After about an hour and a half I get a call from Elder Woods and says we need to meet up at this certain place to switch back. His voice sounded kind of sad. My heart dropped knowing this was going to be bad news. As we made the walk to where they were, only negative thoughts entered my mind. As we finally met up with them the look on their faces told me that she didn’t pass. Elder Diaz, the one who did the interview, went on to tell me that she doesn’t want to get baptized. She is going to move in with her boyfriend and doesn’t want to listen to us anymore. He said that in the interview she felt too pressured by Elder Boyer....... I began to feel the shame. My heart sunk... then all of a sudden Elder Woods and Elder Diaz yelled in unison: SHES GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! 
WHAT?? NO WAY?? SHE PASSED HER INTERVIEW???? Daniela had passed her interview. She had been so ready for baptism. She had been secretly reading and praying and she has always wanted to get baptized, her only fear was getting in the water. She had never told us that. When Elder Diaz began to talk to her, apparently she opened up to him.  So we announced her date in church and she will be getting baptized on Saturday the 26 along with Gabriel. 
We are so happy it is going to be a great way to end Elder Woods mission. We are both so happy and we know the Lord had provided for us.

 I love to see the changes that people make in their lives. The mission is amazing!!

Lomas Coloradas Beach...

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