Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 74... Margarita's Miracle!!

Well everyone… this week has been one of many crazy miracles and many crazy experiences. I don’t have much time to tell them, but I will write of one. 

So over this last week, Elder Woods and I really went out looking for God’s lost sheep. Last week I wrote of a lady named Margarita. She had an accident about four months ago and is in a wheel chair. Well anyways, over the weekend, Elder Woods and I were in charge of doing an activity for the Zone. All 28 missionaries here in San Pedro came to our church and we had 2 hours of practices where we practiced our teaching skills. We thought it would be a good idea to invite a few members and even Margarita. So we did. She was so excited that we invited her and she accepted our offer. On Saturday morning we went over and picked her up. We wheeled her in her wheelchair all the way to the church. The whole way she was smiling ear to ear.... she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

When we got to the church she was greeted by 28 missionaries. The power that you could feel in that room was amazing. Each missionary took turns greeting her and talking to her. She was super happy. She had never felt so much love or attention ever before in her life. We then took her into a room and missionary after missionary got a turn to go in and teach her. At the beginning she had many questions, and by the end of her time she was smiling and loving every second. After all the missionaries had their chance to talk to her, we had her and a few members bare their testimony of what they had learned or what they had felt. This little old lady wheels herself up in front of everyone and delivers a heartfelt testimony. She said, “I am not part of your church YET, but being here today was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I could feel the love from each one of you. I have never seen such caring people before in my life." 
As these words left her mouth, my heart began to throb with emotion. I realized that there is no better work than that of missionary work. 
Oh, how many people are out there in the world just like Margarita; just waiting for someone to bring them this message?

 I love this work. I know this is the work of salvation. It was a great week for me and for everyone here. 

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