Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 72....TRANSFERS and saying Goodbye to friends!!!

I loved serving with these Elders!
Elder Boyer didn't write much today, other than a short little blurb about his transfer. He will be getting transferred tomorrow to Boca Sur.

Boca Sur is a suburb of Concepcion. It is on the coast near the southern mouth of the Bio Bio River, hence the name Boca Sur or "south mouth".

He will be companions with Elder Hunter Woods, who just so happens to be from Mapleton too, and Tyler knows him from school. He is really excited to serve with him! Two Mapleton boys serving together in the South Mouth! 
Tyler will be "killing" Elder Woods...this will be his 5th Missionary that he has killed!

He sent a lot of pictures of saying good bye to the friends and families that he met in Los Angeles. He served there for 6 months and made many friends and had many great experiences there!


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