Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 63..... The steep path of Discipleship!!!

What a great week. As the week went on we are approaching closer and closer to the final Days of Elder Anderson. We have been working super hard. I have tried to help him so he doesn’t die too hard ;) We have been having some good times together. We have been trying to have the most fun we can have so that he can remember his time here forever. We had many great experiences this week, anywhere from going mini golfing with the boys, service projects in campo, to mission conferences and intercambios. We have just been trying to make the best of the time that he has left. 
This week I don’t have much to say because I usually write down what I want to say in my agenda, but as I was sitting in the cyber, I was showing an Elder some quotes I was going to share, as I starting writing, I looked down and my agenda has disappeared. I now don’t have the quotes I was going to share. He totally stole my agenda so everything I was going to share with y’all is gone. So I guess I will just let you all know what I was able to learn this week.

As all of you know, I have been on the Journey of BECOMING MORE LIKE CHRIST…to find out who He really is. This week has been one of many trials in that sense of things. Each time we grow closer to Christ I feel like times get more challenging. There was a quote I found that went something like this... bear with me, I might butcher this.

"Hard experiences come to those who are doing good because they are more willing to learn." 

Also, I found one that says:
"As we continue further along our path of Discipleship our path gets steeper" 

I really starting thinking about what that quote 
means. What does it mean that our path gets steeper as we come unto Christ? I realized that it meant as we grow closer to Him, times get more challenging. The times get more challenging so that we can be stretched to our limits. Our path turns from something easily conquerable to something extremely difficult. We turn from normal easy going people to someone who gives every ounce they have to Christ. Who says being a believer of Christ would be easy? I know for me in my life, I have seen how easy it is to not follow Christ. How easy it is to just give up and let the world control you. How easy it is to just forget everything you believe and become part of the crowd. The World is like a river, it is easy for us as "Rafters" to go with the flow. It is easy for us as humans to go with the flow, but us believers in Christ MUST RAFT UP RIVER!!!! How easy is that? I will tell you, it is not one that is easily done. Christ asks us that we turn unto Him and raft upriver. If we believe in Him we must give all we have to raft up river no matter how rampant or rapid this river flows. We as believers of Christ need to raft upstream. But, how many of us have strength to make it all the way up the river... NOT ONE!!!! Some of us may be a little stronger, maybe they will make it a little while paddling up stream and make good process, but they will gradually become tired and might get worn down. There will be a time where they are asked to give but just can’t give any more, and that is where Christ and His grace come in. All of us fall short of getting all the way up the rampant river but if we as humans can turn unto Christ He will give us the strength to finish our journey. 
That make me think of one of my favorite scriptures: 
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. 

I know Christ strengthens us as we will come unto Him. By His grace we are saved. There might be times when our path may turn into an uphill battle. Or maybe as disciples we are asked to raft up stream, BUT THROUGH CHRIST WE WILL MAKE IT!! We will be strengthened enough to conquer the beast. We will win our Salvation. I love each and every one of you.
 I hope that each and every one of you can continue your uphill battle no matter how steep the mountain or how rapid the river flows.


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