Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 66: Christmas in Chile, and Santa Missionaries!!!


I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Christmas season and were able to spend the time with their families. I love the Christmas season because it is a time where we are focused on our Savior and what he has done for us. 
As for me here in Chile, this Christmas was a great experience for me. Actually funny story happened to us: So this last week the assistants came down to deliver gifts to us. We received the Christmas packages for all the missionaries in the sectors. We then realized the next time we would see everyone would be after Christmas. We thought how bad it would be to not have gifts on Christmas.... So what did we do? WE BECAME THE MISSION SANTA CLAUSES. Elder Christensen and I got on our Santa hats and went to visit each Sector.

On Christmas Eve we went to each and every sector in our Zone dropping off their packages and a few No Bake cookies we had made. I have never had so much fun riding buses and delivering packages. Well as the night came to an end we had one more sector to visit and then we were going to return to our sector and go and spend the night with an awesome family. As we got to the last sector, Yumbel, which is about an hour away from our sector. We were greeted by the 2 Sister missionaries that were in that sector. We gave them their packages and we were all super happy. We said our goodbyes and made our way to the bus terminal. We got to the bus terminal and I kid you not it was a Ghost Town. There was not one person in the usually busy terminal. Everyone had left to spend the night with their family. WHAT WERE WE TO DO? We could not spend Christmas Eve in Yumbel! We were thinking of what we could do. We ended up calling a member from our sector to come and get us. We waited over and hour and a half for him to pick us up and by the time we got back to our sector we were 2 hours late to the Family’s house. CAN YOU SAY SANTA GONE WRONG? It was a really fun night though and we really enjoyed our time. We still were able to have our Christmas dinner and spend it with the family. It was a  Christmas miracle!!! 

Elder Boyer and Christensen
I hope you all had a great week and enjoyed your time with your families. 
Hope you enjoy your NEW YEARS, as well!

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