Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 47... The Power of Prayer!!!

This was another week of miracles here in Mulchen. My comp. and I have really been so blessed to see these miracles. I will tell you a few of them. So this week we started off by fasting for all of our investigators. We have a ton, but none of them were really wanting to make the next step and be baptized. So we started off my fasting and making a goal to put 100 % trust in the Lord, to make it a priority to pray and look for new ways to teach. That is exactly what we did. It payed off!!! 
We have been battling with an investigator for 3 weeks now. She is the wife of the man and the 2 kids we just baptized. She was supposed to get baptized, and also her daughter, but at the last second they cancelled and said no. We were so confused why. We figured out that she was scared because when she was pregnant with her daughter something terrible went wrong. The baby was going to die, and most likely she would have died to. So she being Catholic, went to the Virgin Mary and did a contract. Long story short, she and her baby were saved. This happened about 10 years ago. So we asked her why she didn’t want to be baptized. She told us that she was scared that if her and her daughter get baptized, the contract will be reversed and that her and her daughter will die. She has been super scared. For three weeks she has ignored us, she didn’t want to talk to us. So when my comp and I started the fast, we prayed for the opportunity to talk to her again. Well that opportunity came on Tuesday. We went over there expecting to teach the family and the little girl like always, to have another excuse why we couldn’t talk to the mom. But when we got there, the mom Jessica was down stairs. We took that opportunity and began to ask her questions. We began to teach her about Faith in God, but there was something different. We could not feel the spirit in the house. I was so confused why. So I began to pray in my head and asked that we could know the reason. At that moment the family began to argue and fight. That father and the mother began to yell and the kids got into it too. The whole room was filled with contention; and as everyone knows contention is of the Devil. So at that moment we knew why the spirit wasn’t there. We helped resolve all the problems with the family. I asked if we could kneel down as a family and say a prayer to bring the spirit into the house. So that is what we did. During the prayer you could feel the spiritual shift. The family went from super angry and contentious to loving and accepting. After we got done praying, we continued on teaching about Faith. The mom then looked at us and asked us so many questions about baptism. We began to teach and answer all her questions. I have never seen someone change so fast. She was so ready for baptism, she just couldn’t have the spirit testify of these things, because there was too much contention. In that moment we invited her to be baptized on the 22nd and she accepted. She is now preparing and is super excited for this weekend. It was such a miracle for us. We will be baptizing her and her 10 year old daughter, Camila. I have the privilege of baptizing her because she is 8 months pregnant and there is no one that is big enough to baptize her, so I get the privilege to do so. I am super excited ;) ANOTHER WEEK OF MIRACLES!!

This week I hit ONE my year mark! I cannot believe that I have been out here that long. It has been such a great experience. I was able to burn a shirt and have a great time.


 I just wanted to share with all of you a little bit of what I learned this week. I was really studying hard this week and began to study a lot about prayer. I have been thinking a lot lately on what I can do to become closer to God, and be more receptive to the spirit. I started studying about prayer. I read talks and scriptures on the topic. So I just wanted to say a couple things that I learned and hopefully it can help some of you guys.

     First off, how many of us take time before a prayer and think about what we are going to say? How many of us as we are saying our nightly prayers find ourselves falling asleep? How many of us, say quick prayers right as we wake up or are going to bed? I will raise my hand and say I am guilty of all of them. But as we are praying we are showing God a sign of how much we love Him. Do you think we are showing love if we are falling asleep, repeating the same things in our prayers? Prayer should be a time of communication with your Father in Heaven. Prayer should be a time where you thank Him, make plans, and talk with your Father. Many of us take prayer for granted. Prayer is the most powerful gift we have. We literally have the Power to talk with God and receive answers from Him. I read a quote that says “Without prayer it is impossible to return to our Father in Heaven." I know that to be true, because as we pray we will be directed in the straight and narrow path, always choosing the right.

 I want to share 2 scriptures with all of you:


3 Nephi 18:20 "Whatever thing you asketh in the name of Christ if it be just, 
it shall be given unto you."

I want to bare my testimony that the power of prayer is real. Each one of us have the power to talk to God. The next time we pray we should think of the sign we are giving God, we should pray for the desires of our hearts. 

I promise as we better our prayers and take more time in prayer to God, we will find greater blessing and promises, from the one who created us. 

P-Day Fun!!

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