Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 6.... "Dulce Trabessuras" (Trick-or-Treat)

Wow, the weeks keep going by faster and faster. This week was a super good week. Elder Cardoso and I worked super hard. I can’t believe that I have made it to my first transfer already. That is so crazy to me. I am almost 3 months into the mission. I seriously love it so much. There is no other place I would rather be. This week was Halloween. Down here in Chile, it isn’t that big of Holiday. 

 We were dressed up as missionaries… haha.

 No, but this week was just a normal week. Nothing really too exciting happened this week. I continue to grow and learn new things each day.

 I watched this amazing video the other day. I don’t know what it is called, but I think it was something like “The Atonement, Missionary Work." I encourage all to go watch it… It doesn't only pertain to missionaries: 
 (clink on link)

In this video it talks about how sometimes life gets hard, and all of us, being human, expect it to be easy. Elder Holland and President Eyring give 2 great talks. All of us expect life to be easy, but it was never easy for Christ. How can we expect it to be easy when the greatest of all walked the same path and it was not easy for Him? My favorite quote from this movie was something like this, "At times we will feel like everything is going wrong, or is so hard, at that moment we will be standing shoulder to shoulder with Christ, experiencing some of the pain he felt."  That quote has really helped me this week. The times where it gets hard are the times I feel like Christ is further away, but in reality he is even closer. That makes me so happy to know that when we are having our worst days, Christ is always standing shoulder to shoulder with us, and lifting us back up.
 I hope you can all watch this video, it has really helped me a lot!

Sorry I don’t have much time this week. I really missed Halloween. It was not the same down here in Chile. Not very many people dressed up. I did get a little bit of candy, but it was crap candy. Nothing like at home where they give out chocolates. All I could think of was all our family festivities... I really miss those times with the family.On Halloween, I was out trackting, these teenage kids walked up to me and asked me how to say "dulce trabessuras" in English, which is Trick or Treat. I told them, and then they said something to me in really fast Spanish. I was like, “Si”, cause that is what I usually say when I don’t understand. My companion yelled No!!! They then pulled out all of these eggs and started to throw them at us. It was really funny. They chased us all the way down the street. Apparently, they had said, “can we throw eggs at you?” And me, not understanding said YES!! I’m an idiot, haha. I didn't get hit by the eggs, but my companion did. It was a fun night. 
I hope all of you had a great week.  I miss you guys a ton.  I’m glad that all of you are doing great. I pray for you every night. Love you all.

Love, Elder Boyer

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  1. Ok, that's a funny story. :) I'm glad he is doing so well.