Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 87... Service: it's not always just knocking on doors!

Well this week has been a pretty crazy week here. 
We did anything from help someone to make a marriage date to even switching comps. It was a very interesting week. 

Tuesday- On Tuesday we had our district meeting and we learned a lot about the Ammon and his example of service. In the mission a lot of missionaries just knock door by door, but there are so many better ways to find people. As Elder Rasmussen and I were thinking about what we could do we thought we would go to the Mayor of San Pedro. So after the meeting we went and began to talk to him. He was a super nice guy. We began to tell him why we were there. We told him that we had seen there is a big increase in delinquency in this area. We told him we had plans to make sports programs and teach English classes. We told him that in the area we were 28 missionaries with all types of experience from all parts of the world. He seemed very interested. He told us he wanted to talk more with us and how we can help more young kids stay out of drugs and learn more about having Christlike backgrounds. It was a very spiritual experience for me, because the missionary work is not always door by door, but it can be something like offering service. I know that through small things, great miracles occur. 

Wednesday- On Wednesday we went to Concepcion and had a meeting with President. It was awesome to see all my buddies from the CCM. We all got to talk about what we have been doing. In the meeting President Wilhelm was able to help us learn more of the Doctrine of Christ. Because the more one understands the importance of the doctrine the more willing he is to act. As we left the meeting I felt as if I could baptize the world.

Thursday- Thursday in the morning we helped a few investigators we have get signed up for a day to get married. This Family, Eduardo and Luz are the best family I have ever seen. They came to church one time and they know the Church is the true church they want to be baptized and they know they are supposed to be married. So we went with them at signed them up to get married the 23 of June. They will be married and baptized the same day. On our way home from helping them, we got a call from Pres. Wilhelm. He said, Elders I need to speak with you at 7, will you please come to my office. I began to sweat bullets. I had no idea what he was going to say. So we go into the office of Pres, and he calls my comp in first, then he calls me in after. He then explains that Elder Rasmussen will be his new assistant and that I was going to receive a new comp, Elder Gomez from Argentina. I was pretty excited.

Friday- Elder Gomez got to the sector, he is super funny. He was a clown before, so he does all the magic tricks and he is super funny. We already get along. 

Sunday- Sunday was a super good day. We were able to take a bunch of our investigators to church. It was awesome to see them all in the church with their smiling faces. After church my comp and I went out looking for new people to teach. We walked by this big new church that was being built. It was an Evangelist church. There were a few people there and they invited us in. So we went in and started talking to them. They then asked us to eat with them. So we went back and met their pastor. We then began to have a long conversation with like 30 people at the table. They all we amazed by what we were doing. It was so awesome to be there with them. It really opened their eyes to who we were. At first they had a lot of negative doubts about us, but as we left they realized we were normal people and that we really do try and live Christ like lives. The mission is a once in a lifetime experience. 

I have never felt so happy preaching the gospel. I have seen the Lord’s hand in my everyday work, in my everyday contact with the people here in Chile, and it has made me so happy to the see the changes people can make.  

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