Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 52....Testimony of the Book of Mormon!!

First things first; I wanted to say to everyone: EVERYTHING IS FINE HERE!! I am sure a lot of people heard about the huge earthquake that happened in Chile. I got a lot of emails of people who were worried about what happened… but honestly the earthquake happened so far North that nothing even happened here. I didn’t even feel the trembles. I know some other Elders here felt the shakes, but as for my comp and I we were in the street and didn’t feel anything. The only way we knew about it was when we entered a house a lady was freaking out about what happened in the North. So I just wanted to tell everyone that we are all fine here in Chile. Thanks for all your love and support. It means a lot to get those type of emails. Love everyone!

Well as far as me this week, it was a really good week. I have been super happy this week. I have really been focusing a lot on just being more like Christ. I figured out what I have been missing out on over the last couple weeks.  I have been missing out a lot on studying the Book of Mormon and also a lot of service. This week has been a super great week for me and Elder Anderson. I have been praying like crazy this week to see what I needed to do to, and what God wanted me to do. Elder Anderson have been working like crazy, we have literally tried millions of different ways to bring others to Christ and to help people come to the Gospel of Christ, and we have literally just been dumped in the face. The last couple weeks I have been kind of discouraged because I felt like I was working harder than I ever have. I have been calling a million people, looking for new people, also elder Anderson and I have been more obedient than ever and we have really focused on becoming better so that we could help others. But even with all these second and third efforts. The work just seemed to be at a complete stop. I heard things like, “Villa Obispo (our sector), is the worst sector. The people are mean. No one likes listening. They are all hard hearted. They won’t change”. 
I will be honest I let those things get to me. For the last couple weeks I let the words of others get to me. But this last week I really began to think about what I could change to better the situation. That is when I discovered that I was lacking 2 things. I had kind of been lacking studying the Book of Mormon. I always read it, but not a lot and it wasn’t the focus of my studies. This week I made it the focus of my studies and I learned a ton from the missionaries like Alma, Amalek, and Aaron. I was able to see the type of experiences they had. I was able to apply the things they used and was able to see miracles. I was able to feel the power that comes from the Book of Mormon. 

So, I first want to bare my testimony that the Book of Mormon is the most true book that we have here in this world. That as we read the Book of Mormon we will be directed to the things that God wants us to do. We will receive strength through coming closer to him. I read a quote that says:
 "I can do hard things, because of Christ which strenghteneth me."
I know that as we read and apply the words of Christ we become closer to Him, and we become strengthened through Him and His Atonement. 
While I was reading a lot this week I came across this scripture in Alma that says:
 "How long, oh Lord, do we have to suffer these afflictions?”

I challenge all of you to look up this scripture but Alma and Amalek are preaching the wicked people of Amonihah and they are suffering afflictions and grief without end. The city rejects them and throws them in jail. They are mocked rejected, and spit upon. They stay in the jail for days. Priests and judges come in and hit them, and do things that should not be mentioned. Then Alma, being a Godly man, prayed to the Father. He prayed for the strength to overcome the circumstances. It was interesting to me that Alma prayed for the power to overcome the trying times. He didn’t pray for the circumstances to be changed. I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can receive the power and help from God to overcome the trials of everyday life. We can be lifted even when we feel stuck. We will be helped when there are no signs of being helped. God will lift those who are willing to give it their all. God will lift those who are willing to give Him their all. 
I challenge all of you to keep going strong and give Him, God, all you have and the burdens from your shoulders will be lifted off and you will be able to bare the burdens of everyday life. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Chile's Day of Indepence!!!

Mi Amigos!!

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