Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 50.... I have found my friends!!!

This week was a really good week for Elder Anderson and I, here in Los Angeles. I have been learning a ton from him and a ton from this new sector. I know God calls us to the right place at the right time, and who we are supposed to be with. I am learning so much and it has been awesome. I have honestly been super stressed out this week. I have felt a lot of pressure lately and it has kind of been tough to think positive. It was honestly a pretty down week.  I have been praying and fasting more than ever. It has really seemed to help. I feel a little stressed because the people here are very hard hearted. It is a very tough sector. We don’t really have many investigators and all the ones we do are really hard to teach, they are all too busy with their jobs. So this whole week I kind of felt sad, and let room for Satan to enter. He did a great job this week. He made me feel like I was unprepared, like I was worthless, that I didn’t know what I was doing. But as the week went on my comp and I really began to focus more on the Faith. Elder Anderson really helped me through this week. He helped me overcome the feelings of sadness, the feelings of stress. We began to have a great time. I really began to focus on the happy moments and the miracles that happen every day. 
Zone Conference
Zone Conference
One of the most spiritual things that 
happened to me this week was during our missionary Zone Conference. It was a really great conference and we learned a lot. To finish the conference, my comp and I had to give a talk about Faith and Miracles.  To get the Zone excited to work and pumped to find people, we thought it would be a good idea to bring in recent converts and have them bare their testimonies about their conversion. Let me tell you, those converts have the power to move the hearts of people. They began to tell about their life. One of the guys we brought in lived in a really dangerous area, the most dangerous area there is in Chile. His mom was a drug addict and he was living day to day. He felt very scared and felt very lost. Then one day, 2 young white boys knocked on his door. As soon as they walked in he felt the light that these young men had. His life did a complete 360. He now has been to the temple, he has been sealed to his family. He bore his testimony of how the message of the restored gospel changed his life. That just because 2 young men, who didn’t know much Spanish, who didn’t know much about the world, followed the direction of the spirit and were able to change his life. When he finished his testimony there was not a dry eye in the room... well maybe just mine were wet, but I felt the power of his testimony. We also read a story of a missionary in Utah who had a dream that he was with a friend in the pre-earth life and that he had gotten his call to come down to earth. He was called to go to Utah to a family that was righteous and he would be born in the church. His friend also got his call, but he was going to go down into awful times, his family would not support him and he would not know the church. He was going to be born in Costa Rica. His friend right before they departed said "I WILL FIND YOU" the kid received his mission call to go to Costa Rica. A couple months later, he wrote back home with only a few words the words read "I FOUND MY FRIEND." I want to bare my testimony that the power of missionary work is amazing. I know that I have promised people in the pre-earth life that I would find them. I have had many times in my mission where I think I know the person, or I think I have met them. I have made a ton of friends here in the mission. I know that God guides His Children so that everyone, no matter the circumstance can find the message of the restored gospel. I know through Faith comes miracles. It is amazing what this message can do to the lives of these people. I am so grateful to see each and every day the power of change. I love being a missionary. I love this Gospel. I know Christ lives, and I HAVE FOUND MY FRIENDS!!

P-Day Activity: Today we went to see a Volcano in a blizzard... It was way fun!

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