Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 37..... The Lord's Hand: Staying in Los Sauces!!!

 I got some great news!!!!!! So last week I wrote you guys and told you I would be heading out to a new area in Temuco. Well I have to tell you that I won’t be leaving Los Sauces this cambio. So on Monday I got the call from my Zone Leader that I would be heading out to Temuco and I would have to leave Los Sauces. I was literally so surprised that I was leaving. I had no idea. I thought I was going to stay and help train the new branch President. When I heard that I was leaving, I was pretty sad but also pretty excited. So I was all ready to go. I was then told that I would have to stay in Los Sauces a few days more because when our house burnt down the other Elders in our house, their passports burnt. So on Tuesday they went up to Santiago to get their new passports. Meanwhile, I stayed in Los Sauces with the new Branch President. I trained him on what to do. We passed by all the members and I tried to help him with the little time I had. The whole week I was saying goodbye to everyone. It was really hard to say goodbye. I have made such good relationships with everyone here. It was hard to say my goodbyes. On Friday night I went to the Church to get some things... and little did I know the whole Branch was there waiting for me. They had thrown me a surprise party. I got to say all my final goodbyes to everyone that night because I was going to leave the next morning as soon as Elder Ruano got back from Santiago. When Elder Ruano got back to Los Sauces Saturday morning, there was a little change of plans. President told us that Elder Ruano would be going to Temuco where I was going to go, and I would be staying in Los Sauces for a little more times to help train my new comp, Elder Hurtado. It was the craziest thing… but I know it is what the Lord wants. I am so excited to still be here in Los Sauces. I still don’t feel like my work is done here. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here for more time to finish the work here. In church yesterday I was able to talk with everyone and they were so happy that I am staying. I am so very blessed with the best sector in the mission.

 Yesterday at church was such a spiritual experience for me and I thought I would share it with you guys. So yesterday I was teaching the Gospel Principles class. I thought that I should teach something about missionary work. I started teaching this class and it was going really well. Then this lady Hermana Inzunza, who usually is super quiet sits in back, she just recently came back to church, she started to bare her testimony. She told us why she had come back to church. She began to tell us about a few months ago; when her brother passed away she was feeling super sad and super lonely. No one from her church (Other church) showed up the support her. But we missionaries showed up at her Funeral. Elder Wilhelm, Elder Sauñe,  Elder Navarro and I all showed up at the funeral of her brother. At the time I didn’t really know why we were there and what we were going to do. We kind of just sat in the corner at this reception while everyone else was talking and crying. We kind of felt out of place and didn’t want to interrupt the whole thing. We stayed in the corner for a while when all of a sudden we all got this feeling that we should sing a hymn. So we went to this Hermana and asked if we could sing a hymn. She said yes so we sang a few hymns at this reception. While we were singing I felt a super strong love of the spirit. I knew the spirit was there. I really didn’t think much about it other than that it was there because we were singing super spiritual hymns. Anyways this Hermana told us that because we were there and we sang those hymns is why she came back to church. She had been feeling so lonely and lost. She had nowhere to go for comfort. She had been looking for the light and the truth. And when we came in and sang that song, this brought back the light and the truth. She has not missed one Sunday since. When she was telling me this I could not help it but to break out in tears. I know the Lord has his hand in this work. It is through experiences like that where we see the Lords hand in things.

 It is through small and simple things that we help others come unto Christ. Even though we didn’t think we were doing anything special… all we did was sing a hymn... through this small act of kindness, we brought back one of the Lords lost sheep. I testify to you all that this church is true and God loves us. The Lord has his hand in the work. He will bless us and we look for opportunities to share the Gospel to others. He will send us His spirit so we can be directed to his lost children.

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