Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 36...Goodbye to Elder Miller and Los Sauces!!

This week has been a really awesome, but sad week. It was the final week of my companion, Elder Miller. We had a really crazy week. We were trying to do everything we could before he left. We did the best we could. It was such a fun week. We were able to visit everyone and say his final goodbyes. On Saturday we got the whole branch and threw him a surprise party. He
 had no clue that we were going to do that. It was a really fun party where everyone got to say goodbye. It brought the branch a lot closer. It was so awesome. The bad part is after church yesterday, I had to say goodbye to my companion. 

Elder Miller was seriously such a great comp. I learned so much from him. I was really sad to say goodbye to him. It was a tough goodbye but I know we will be friends after the mission too. I look up to Elder Miller so much. He was a great example to me. We had some great times. I sure am going to miss that dude. And I will never forget the things we did in Los Sauces. It will be some of the cambios that I will always remember. If anything it was the most challenging, but yet most rewarding cambios of my mission. I learned so much through all the challenges we faced together. There was not one day where there was not a trial. But through Faith in the Lord and constant prayer, we were able to receive the strength to keep going. We saw many miracles in this sector. I know we, as missionaries, literally became tools in the Lord’s hands. I have seen such a big change since I have been here in Los Sauces. 

I got the news today that I will be heading out this transfer and going to a new area. I will be going further south  to Temuco. It's in Sector Neilol. I won't be leaving until Friday, because of some passport issues with some of the other missionaries here. I will be getting another Peruvian companion, Elder Chumbe. I haven't heard much about him yet, so we'll have to see how it goes.  I am super sad to leave behind all the friends I have made, and all the good times that I have experienced in this sector. It is going to be a hard goodbye... but I know it is what the Lord wants. I am super excited to get out and see new things and meet new people. The mission is so awesome because you are always meeting new people that help change your life. I know a lot of people think the missionaries go out and help the people.... but more than that,L the people help the missionaries. I now know why we serve missions; it is also to help us grow spiritually as missionaries. I am so grateful for all the challenging times I have had, because that is when we have the opportunity to grow even more. I am so happy to be here serving a mission. I hope the best for all of you out there and thanks for all your love and support.

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