Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 11..... Humility!!!

So, first thing is first, I have to apologize for last week. I had no time to email because I was traveling with Elder Cardoso to his old districts. We went to Angol, about 3 hours south of my sector. I only had like 30 minutes to email, so that is why I didn’t email. 
 Anyway, this week has been super great. I can’t believe time is flying so fast. Elder Cardoso leaves next week. I will be done with my training. It is so crazy. 

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I hope everything was great. Thanksgiving is not a thing down here, so me and the other gringos in my house made some potatoes and cooked some chicken. It wasn’t much, but at least we celebrated it. 

Christmas is coming up fast. This week we are going to have our mission wide Christmas conference. I am excited to see everyone from my district. So as far as work here in Yumbel, it has been really hard. This week was by far the best week we had. We got 10 baptismal dates. We were expecting everyone to come to church. All of our investigators said they would be there. We showed up to church yesterday, and not one was there. We were super sad. We felt like we have been working so hard, and they were doing so well. We went to their houses to pick them up and they didn’t even answer their doors :(  We did get one little kid to come to church. Let me tell you about this kid. His name is Nico. He is by far the best kid in Chile. We found him about a month ago. He is 11 years old. He has come to church 3 times. He keeps telling us I want to be baptized. Baptize me. We can’t baptize him unless either his parents come to church, or he comes to church for 3 months. As of right now, his parents don’t want anything to do with our church. We keep visiting the kid and he really wants to be baptized. Yesterday was fast Sunday, we told him to bear his testimony. With no fear, he stood up and bore his testimony. It was so awesome. I love that kid so much. He is really going to be awesome. Other than that, our week was pretty normal. This week is going to be a crazy week. Wednesday is the mission Christmas conference, Thursday is our ward Christmas party, and Saturday I say good bye to Elder Cardoso. It is going to be a crazy week. I can’t wait.

 For my spiritual thought this week, I will share this quote. My mom sent me a Christmas package with a bunch of quotes. One of the quotes is this, "Being HUMBLE means recognizing we are not on the earth to see how important we can become, but to see HOW MUCH  DIFFERENCE WE CAN MAKE in the lives of others"                                                                                                                              *Gordon B. Hinckley

That quote is so awesome. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I have really been looking and studying the topic of humility. If there is anything I wish to change in my mission, is to be more humble. I now know that if we are humble and becometh as a child, we will be blessed. God will be there to help us. If we can put all of our trust in God and give all our heart, might mind and strength, we will be the person that God wants us to be. I love you all so much. Have a great week. 

Elder Boyer

Our Thanksgiving Feast

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