Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 10.... Thanksgiving, gringo style!

Wow this week was a good week. I kind of missed home because of all the fun you guys had this week. I heard and got all the pictures from Thanksgiving It sounds like you all had a blast. I really missed thanksgiving. They don’t celebrate down here in Chile, so we didn’t have a big feast. There are 3 gringos in my house right now so we kind of celebrated. Haha, of course I still did grandmas tradition and colored a picture. I will send the pictures to you guys next week. In my last package I got, my mom sent me some instant potatoes, so we cooked some instant potatoes. Also we cooked a few chicken legs. It was really low key, but it was still fun to have our own little Thanksgiving in our house. We then went around and said all the things we were thankful for. It was a really fun day. I am so glad that everyone had a good week. I heard that you all received my letters. That was really fast. Everyone needs to write me back. It is a lot easier to go into detail in the letters. I am so limited on time in my emails. If you want more details write me a letter, and it will be a lot easier. That really only took like 2 weeks. Right now I am actually traveling with Elder Cardoso. This week we only have a half hour on the internet. Elder Cardoso is down to his last 2 weeks here in the mission. So on your last 2 P-days you can go visit your old sectors. So right now we are actually in his old sector, Angol. We had to wake up at 5 this morning to take a bus here. We have spent all day talking to his people and investigators he had here. It has been fun. I can’t believe that time is flying by this fast. He leaves in 2 weeks and then I get a new companion. My training is almost over… that is so crazy. 

This week we also had Stake Conference, so I got to see President Bluth. It was really good to see him. We had a great conference. I also got my Christmas packages. I was so excited so I went and opened the boxes. I saved the letters and the presents for Christmas, but I set up the tree and the 25 day Christmas calendar. Oh my heck, I was also so excited to eat Grandma’s fudge. I had to sneak a little piece of that. The rest I put back. It really made me think of Christmas. I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. It is so crazy. I am so excited to Skype all of you. I am still trying to find out where I am going to Skype you guys. The internet in Yumbel is super bad, so we might be going to our Branch President’s house to Skype. That would be super sick. Well, that is all the time I have for now... but I love you guys. I will write more next week. I don’t even have time to send out a big group email so I am super sad. Love you all have a great week.

Elder Boyer

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