Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 4...... Airplanes and Devotionals!

Wow week FOUR flew by so fast!!!! I felt like it was just yesterday that I was emailing you guys, telling you that I arrived!!! I only have 2 weeks left in the CCM and then I'm Chile bound:) There are a lot of planes that fly over the CCM and every time one does, I turn to my companion and say "That is us in 2 weeks".
I am getting really excited to get out and actually start my mission. I want to get out there and share with people the happiness I have felt from being in this church. Nothing really new has happened this week. Just the same thing day in and day out. I am still learning a ton. I cant wait for the day when I can speak Spanish well enough that I can just talk in Spanish and not have to think about it in English first. 

So yesterday we had a devotional, we watched a talk by Elder Holland. It was a talk given by him in the Provo MTC in January 2013. I love how he talks. He is probably my favorite speaker. He speaks with so much power and authority!!! He told us that we need to "Astonish People" I love that so much, because I know if you have the spirit with you and are living the right way, you can go in and astonish people!!! The spirit is the true converter, and you literally wont be able to teach if you don´t have the spirit with you!! During his talk I started thinking. He had mentioned that he was once a 19 year old missionary. I started thinking, what is stopping me from being like him. Literally nothing is stopping me. He was once in my shoes. I just have to have the spirit with me and live my life so the spirit is my constant companion and I will be able to speak like him. I love that. He also talked a lot about being converted as a missionary. He talked about how if you want people to read the scriptures more, you read the scriptures more. If you want your investigator to pray more, you pray more!! We have to be converted and do the things that we want our investigators to do. I think that is so true. You can´t tell someone to read their scriptures more if you aren't. The spirit wont be there when you are testifying of the blessings. That talk was such an amazing talk!! I learned a lot from that talk.The spirit hit me so strong while I was listening him. At the end of the talk they sang the closing Hymn in English, and also said the closing prayer in English. It was honestly super weird for me to hear that. All we do here is pray and sing in Spanish. That was the first time I had heard someone pray in English since being home. 

This week has been such a fun week. Elder Woodfield and I taught   some good lessons this week. One cool thing that i did in my lesson yesterday was pray in the middle of the lesson. We always pray before our lesson as a companionship, and ask for the spirit to be with us, but I really wanted to try and say a prayer in the middle for some extra help. So our lesson started of kind of slow, it was honestly quite boring. Both of us weren't  speaking very good Spanish.  Elder Woodfield started saying a personal experience, so I thought this would be the perfect time to say a prayer. While he was talking I just said a prayer in my head. I asked for the spirit to be with us , and that we would know what to say. I asked for comfort and help with the language. Immediately after I said Amen, this overwhelming power hit me. The spirit was so strong. We both felt so much peace. Both of us began to speak Spanish better than we had before. The last half of our lesson was so powerful. Our investigator began to pay attention to our lesson. We talked to her about keeping the Sabbath day Holy. The spirit was definitely talking through me because I try and remember what I said and I cant. I was saying things I don't even remember learning. That experience was such a testimony builder to me!!! I am going to keep praying in lessons, and ask for more help, it really works. I know these investigators are fake right now, but when I teach them... I really feel like they need my help and I really love teaching them!! I wonder how it is going to feel to teach my first real investigator:) I honestly cant wait!!! 
Elder Woodfield and I

P Days are the best days. We wake up and work out and eat breakfast. Then we email until lunch at 12. Then we just go play sports. Today we are doing a district soccer game. So it should be fun. We usually play until like 3:30 and then we go change and get ready. Then we come back and email until 5:30 so it makes for a great day. I love hearing from everybody. 
Keep sending me pictures and updates on the games.

Our soccer team!
Thanks for sending me weekly packages of food. All of my roomates get them too. We share our treats with each other, and have a Fiesta! It's so fun!
Cheers to another week down!

On Saturday, I got to teach a 10 year old boy. He was actually a real investigator. We taught him about prayer. It was so fun acting like a little kid again. We got to color and draw with him. He was such a cute little boy. That was probably my favorite thing. It was funny because I thought I was getting good at Spanish... But, he just kept correcting me and telling me what I wanted to say. I couldn't help but laugh and realize that I still have a long way to go!! It was definitely the highlight of my week!!!
Love you all sooooooo much! 

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