Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 2....The Rollercoaster Ride!

"Wow i cant even explain to you the feelings i have had this week!!! This week has seriously been a roller coaster. The spirit is so strong here all the time i love that, but the work is getting super hard. Some days seem to go by so fast and then some of them drag out. The CCM is really fun and i am learning a lot. We are doing the same thing every day so it gets kind of boring, but i just keep doing things to make the most of it. It really is amazing how fast i am learning Spanish. They literally just throw you into to language. We are expected to teach 2 lesson a day in complete Spanish. It is rough because my Spanish is still very limited. The first few times i went into the lesson writing down every word i was going to say. The last couple times i went in there with an outline of what i was going to say and just relied on the spirit to tell me what to say. Honestly when I relied on the spirit the lessons were a lot better. It wasn't as smooth but the investigators felt the spirit. People keep telling me that Spanish gets a lot easier the more you practice it. I cant wait for the day when i can just think in Spanish and not have to translate it in my head before i speak. Anyways i love it here at the CCM everyone in my district is way cool. There are 10 Elders and 2 Hermanas in our district. I think we have the funnest district. We do a lot of crazy things to make the time go by faster. Like the other day in rained all day. My district dared me to run and slide through this puddle of water. OF COURSE i did it!!! It was so much fun. My companion is a really cool kid. He is completely opposite of me. We balance each other out. i am that super social kid that has a hard time focusing and he is the type of kid who is all focus. So we really balance each other out and help each others weaknesses. i cant believe i have already been here 2 weeks. Time really does fly by when you are working hard and having fun:) It is kind of hard being in the CCM though because it almost feels like prison. They have 10 foot walls with razor blade wire at the top. We never get to leave the CCM boundaries. I just want to be out there talking to people and seeing things. At night is when Mexico really starts to wake up. As soon as we lay in bed we start hearing music. They always have fiestas right by the wall so we enjoy all the music they play:) It is so cool to see how they live down here. Their houses are literally stacked on top of each other. We are surrounded by hills and the houses line the hills. i had no clue how many people actually lived in this City. The other day we went to the temple and we got to experience a little bit of Mexico. Their driving is probably the scariest thing i have ever seen. They fit 4 lanes of traffic on a 2 lane road. People on motorcycles go in between the cars. When they do they literally touch both cars as they pass. It was the craziest thing to see. Also at each stop light you have people jumping on your cars washing your windows. It was so crazy to see the way people live here. It blew my mind. Anyways i am doing really good. I am learning a lot. I just cant wait until i am in Chile and actually out talking to people. i love you all. Hope you are all doing great back at home. Email me i love hearing from all of you. Wednesdays are seriously the best when i get to read and reply to all of your emails. Anyways have a good week i will email again next week!!

Mucho Amor,
 Elder Boyer  "

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